Bugs are errors in the performance of a code, design or UI/UX. This happens a code or design is delivering another experience outside the intention of the creator, in form of error messages or bizarre behavior.

They exist because humans are prone to errors. To discover these errors, one will require patience, careful examination, and in other cases attention to details.

However, some bugs are apparent especially when it concerns the user experience on websites.

Timbu.com is a platform that provides tourist with relevant information about popular cities around the world. These include landmarks, sights and sound of spotlights around the city, hotel and restaurant booking service.


Catering to a vast amount of audience from different languages should call for effective website localization to enable visitors navigate their way on such international platform like timbu.com.

When I navigated to timbu.com/french, at first glance, everything seem to work great in this section of the site. The challenge sets in when a user searches for item.

The results return in English, which will turnoff any user that does not understand the language.


This bug can be rectified when the localization is applied across the platform to provide a wider range of services for users from different regions of the world.